* What is wireless internet?
Fixed wireless broadband is used to deliver high-speed internet services in the same manner as traditional broadband cable services.


* Do I need a fixed telephone line (adsl) to use this wireless internet services?
No, wireless broadband does not require telephone lines or terrestrial cables, meaning that it is quick to deploy and that there are no monthly line rental fees.


*Is there installation costs involved?
Yes, once we have sent out our installers to do a free site survey we will provide you with a full quotation for the installation. (cost is subject to quotation and can change without prior notice)


*Can inclement weather affect my service?
Very heavy precipitation may impact your quality of service and it is important to note that even though it may not be raining heavily at your location, there could be heavy rain at or near the distribution towers.


*How long would it take to setup my service & how long does installation take?
Services are typically installed within a week of a signed order being placed with us. Depending on the size of your home or office, a standard installation takes about 2-3 hours.


*What is "los" and why is a survey required?
"Los" stands for line of sight between two points, specifically the straight path between a transmitting antenna (signal tower) and a receiving antenna (your location) .the survey is necessary to determine whether there is a clear visible path from your location to the nearest signal distribution tower in order to confirm that we can provide you with an efficient and reliable internet service.


*Will I always get my maximum line speed all the time?
We strive to provide the best internet experience at all times. However, factors such as high demand on the local point of presence or our overall network, inclement weather, radio interference, type of package selected by subscriber among others may influence performance from time to time.


*What is contention and what contention is your network?
Contention means that you share a certain amount of bandwidth between several other users/clients, our contention ratio is 1:1 (you do not share your line). Some of the other isp companies have contention ratios of 1:4/1:10 what means your share your line with other people and your speed will be affected.


*Are your lines shaped/throttled?
No, our lines are uncapped, unshaped and unlimited, we don’t have any soft caps either so you can download as much as you like. However, we do apply quality of service on all peer to peer traffic (torrents, kazaa etc) to ensure the best service to all our users. This means that these types of downloads receive the lowest priority on the network. Websites, email, video streaming and voice over ip has the highest priority.


* Am i responsible for the equipment after it has been installed?
Yes, any theft, loss or damages will be your responsibility. We recommend that you cover the equipment as part of your insurance.


*How does payment work?
After installation you need to pay within 24-hours including your first month subscription (cash/eft/online)


*How do i pay my monthly subscription:
Eft, debit order or online


* Can I cancel my subscription anytime?
If you are not happy with our services you can cancel at anytime but we would need at least 1 calendar month notice if you are on a month – month contract.


*What are the support hours?
Office hours 9:00 - 16:00 monday - fridays
After hours support 16:00 - 21:00 (whatsapp / emails only / PORTAL)

Problems can be emailed to support@wow-wifi.co.za, whatsapp 013 010 1412


* If I have a problem how long does it take to get fixed?

We are committed to fix it asap, but  resolution may be impacted by adverse weather condition, site access restrictions, etc.